KIVUNIM succeeds in delivering an immersive and transformative gap year experience of serious academic study, focused international travel and cross-cultural dialogue. These take place within the context of impressive intellectual and aesthetic exploration and growth that develops and deepens our students’ Jewish identity as engaged global citizens. 

KIVUNIM students forge a lifelong connection with Israel and the Jewish people through thoughtfully and intentionally-designed travel experiences that impart what other Jewish education programs can only envy: a nuanced and integrated understanding of Jewish civilization through sophisticated contact with the remarkable spectrum of religious traditions, cultures and world views among which the Jewish people grew throughout our 2,000-year Diaspora. Israel, our gap-year program home for the academic year, provides a challenging and surprisingly inspirational setting for appreciating the possibilities of Muslim-Jewish and Christian-Jewish co-existence and informs our broader international encounter with “the other.” What could be more critical for the future leadership of the American and Jewish worlds? 

Kivunim 2018-2019 Presents: Dear Neighbor, an online collection of photographs from Israel and around the world. See the full gallery of photos here.

KIVUNIM 2017-2018 Presents: "Footprints: A Photographic Exhibition of a World Uncovered." See the full gallery here.