The ethical imperative of improving the world is at the heart of KIVUNIM's philosophy and program. Weekly Social Responsibility service projects serve as a marker in our goal of building the character and commitment of future communal leaders. While discussions of social issues have an important place in the intellectual life of the KIVUNIM community, actively working to effect a difference is vital to the development of a holistic human being, aware of issues and inequalities; conscious of the need for change and capable of using their talents and abilities to bring more kindness and compassion into the world.

Volunteer service work in one of the many meaningful projects that serve the social needs of the Jerusalem community is a key element of our program, devoting as we do one full day each week to “Social Responsibility” placements. As KIVUNIM students are guests in Jerusalem for the year, we feel it vitally important to give back to “our host.” We have developed relationships with many meaningful projects all allowing our students to feel that they are contributing directly to improving the social fabric of Jerusalem. This work is often challenging and we provide staff support for the many issues that emerge from these weekly encounters. Over the years, recipients of our students’ commitment have expressed deep appreciation for the simple gift of time and attention that we are able to give.