College Credits

KIVUNIM students receive a full year of college credit transferrable to and accepted by most colleges and universities across North America. KIVUNIM's Academic Program consists of five courses that support the basic goals and objectives of our extensive travel schedule. Formal academic credits are provided by Hebrew College of Boston, which is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Inc. through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.

Hebrew College provides academic supervision and issues academic transcripts for students who successfully complete KIVUNIM's course requirements. KIVUNIM requires students to take five full year courses:  Four majors: Civilization and Society - Homelands in Exile; Land, People, Ideas: The Challenges of the Middle East;  Arabic Language and Culture;  Hebrew Language and Culture and an Art minor: Visual Learning, the Art of Seeing.* Hebrew College reviews and approves all of Kivunim’s course descriptions, curricula, reading lists, tests and faculty qualifications.

Hebrew College then issues official transcripts indicating the academic credit equivalent earned by each student upon successful completion of the course(s), totaling a maximum of 30 credits.  KIVUNIM students have transferred these credits to a wide variety of North American colleges (e.g., University of Michigan, Emory University, University of Maryland, Washington University in St. Louis, University of Illinois, SUNY Binghamton, Colby College, Ithaca College, Columbia University [List College], University of California at Berkeley, McGill University, etc.)  The official Hebrew College transcript requires payment of an additional fee of $1400.